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NSFW It’s Meltdown Time! Week 5

'Mike the Tiger's Cryin,' the much anticipated sequel of 'Colonel Reb is Cryin'

Week 5-Meltdown

The solution to all our problems is firing Ed Orgeron and naming Ed Orgeron the interim head coach...

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It's funny when they whine about insignificant things

being a member of another forum that has a college football section, it's funny reading some of the things that other people say about 'BAMA.

the forum overall is not about sports, just this little section. and it gets some decent traffic; especially during the season. but reading through some of the comments made in the past couple days is kind of funny. i'll post some of them...

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Week Six games are up in the Sportsbook. Good luck, some tough ones out there this week.

Worth watching: Emil Ekiyor, current Michigan commit for the offensive line

...is beginning to be forecast to Bama this week. His name came up a few months ago when we were discussing, albeit briefly, to watch the name who attend the Champions Cookout. It's my understanding he's been privately committed to Bama for a long time....

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