Dayum! Texas throwing shade at A&M on the recruiting trail.

Some of the replies are priceless.


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(LINK) Norway is crushing everyone at these Olympics. Why a cultural quirk - they don’t let kids keep score - may be the key to their athletic glory

Leave it to Wolken for what's really a stupid take on things.

Please correct me if I'm wrong here, okay?

Norway... a lot of mountains, a lot of snow, kids play outside in winter conditions...BUT, it's that "quirk" that's working for them.

Alllllrighty then....

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Staff additions/changes: Reports: Craig Kuligowski hired as defensive line coach

Those waiting on Saban to slip are going to have to wait a while long (Longer, I know, but I didn't write the article)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.—He is five weeks removed from his sixth national championship, a week removed from National Signing Day, and a full month away from the start of spring practice.

Still, Nick Saban is in a hurry. A big hurry.

The visitor to his well-appointed office glances at the coffee table to see the impressive display of Saban’s various championship rings. And yes, there is ample room for a...

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College hoops Power Rankings: Will SEC's depth help or hurt in March? (Bama at #23)

The SEC is shaping up as the selection committee's biggest quandary heading into the final stretch of the regular season.

The league is as deep as any in the country, with 11 teams within touching distance of the bubble or the NCAA tournament. All 14 teams are in the top 100 at KenPom, 11 teams are in the top 75 of the RPI and 13 are in the top 100 of the BPI.

But here's where it gets difficult:...

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We've all had a laugh at Auburn in W. Georgia and other *mistakes* made by those who didn't know where Auburn was located (IE: Michigan is another)

( @Birdman37 More #FakeNews here from your MSNBC cohorts. )

Here's just one example of how little people around the nation know about Auburn.


But my gawd...I expected their student body would at least know where they were, right?


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Sources confirm that Andy Cannizaro will be fired by Mississippi State. Formal announcement tomorrow.

Yes, Big Ten officials definitely hurt Georgia’s cause in championship game

ATHENS — “I didn’t think the championship game was officiated very well.”

That quote came from a former SEC head coach, who was among a few asked to assess the job that Big Ten officials did in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. These coaches asked not to be identified because they still have connections and interests in the business both with fellow coaches and with...

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Free Throws: Kansas 35 - WVU 2 : Is it myth or reality that Kansas gets a favorable whistle at Allen Fieldhouse? - from Yahoo Sports

Whether Kansas receives an especially favorable whistle at home has long been a subject of fervent debate in Big 12 circles. Opponents have complained about not getting calls at Allen Fieldhouse since before the Jayhawks’ streak of 13 consecutive Big 12 titles even began.
Kansas has attempted 532 more free throws than its opponents in Big 12 games at Allen Fieldhouse since the

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