2017 SEC Helmet Schedule

SEC College Football Helmet Schedule PDF

Sorry for the downtime...and the new look that's hitting you in the face.

It's my mistake. I didn't explain how the implementation of the upgrade should happen.

So...You'll be seeing some changes as you deal with my mistake. Sorry.


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JK Scott 2nd team all SEC punter?

Who in the hell did they put in front of JK Scott for all SEC punter. That is the most assanine thing I have read since CNN this morning.

I know he is prone to struggle with his drop a few times per year but damn.. the ball just explodes off of his foot stupid long and stupid high. I took a client to the bama vs LSU game and the whole thing that guy kept saying besides wow to the stadium and the...

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Iowa Today...

Tide Pride Points for Bowl Tickets

I was curious if anyone knew of the Tide Pride points they got down to for Playoff and Championship tickets last year. Just filled out my request for the first time and was curious.


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Kenell speaks, Herbie says Dude, what's happened to you...you're better than this.

The weekend ...AU style

The weekend was amazing...
AU and their fans talking playoff.....#2 ranking.....the best teamin CF.....Malzan talking how they beat the "dog crap" outta UGA.....how the NC game will be a "home".game for them in Atlanta.....getting to o o the Rose Bowl....and then...and then......UGA total destrys them....they play vs UGA exactly how UGA played them in first game.errors,...

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Alabama Men’s Basketball Falls to UCF, 65-62, for First Home Loss of the Year

Alabama Men’s Basketball Falls to UCF, 65-62, for First Home Loss of the Year

SEC SHORTS: Middle School Dance Style!

Watch it all the way!!...

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