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Arkansas Game Time?

Anyone hearing when the game will be next week? With Arkansas getting demolished by SC, I would think CBS would pass on the game and it moves to 6 or 6:15 on ESPN....

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Injury Thread

Can somebody post an update on Buggs and Ridley?

Hand and Diggs already thought to miss the Arkansas game maybe longer.

Terrell Hall obviously done but rumors maybe Miller can come back by January? Any info there?

Any injuries I'm missing?...

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Texas A&M Fans with the lead!

"Aggies: "we have the lead against Bama!!!!"
*10 seconds later*
"Screw Bama""


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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly vs A&M

Where to start?

Good-ugly win

Bad- shanked punt ...again

Ugly- OL overall...

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Chance to help Kerry Goode fight ALS

Click here to support Chair Lift for Kerry Goode's Stairs organized by Lisa Steinmetz Morchower

Not sure who this person is but he isn't asking for the money. Would love to see this happen. I figure if it's just posted on all Alabama boards and 18,000 fans give $1 it gets done this week....

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What happen to the other games thread?

OK! where is it? Will we be playing Where Waldo, but instead Where the other games threads? I still haven't found it? :D Will someone else help me find it, I know it must be somewhere around here!! ...:rolf:

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The Aggies


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Which player from the Texas A&M will give Alabama the most trouble ?

This one has giving Bama trouble a lot over a couple of years! Christian Kirk is the one I think will still give Bama fits. Over the last two years this is what he done against Alabama!

"In two career games against Alabama, Kirk has 16 catches for 148 yards and the score along with the punt return for a touchdown."...

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Beat writer Q&A: Why Texas A&M never capitalized on '12 win over Bama

Beat writer Q&A: Why Texas A&M never capitalized on '12 win over Bama

In advance of Alabama's game against Texas A&M on Saturday, AL.com talked to the TheBryan-College Station Eagle's Travis L. Brown. He answered...

Beat writer Q&A: Why Texas A&M never capitalized on '12 win over Bama...

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