ESPN's Kellerman: Playing the National Anthem is injecting politics into sports.

ESPN’s Max Kellerman is being criticized by conservative pundits and others for saying the NFL is "injecting politics" into the sport by playing the national anthem before games.

The "First Take" co-host made the comment on Thursday's show. During a discussion about Seahawks' star Michael Bennett comparing Colin Kaepernick to Muhammad Ali, Kellerman said Kaepernick...

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Would you jerk a knot out of this kids head?

Happy Father's Day

SMH, again, at UT. Be warned, they are going to play D.A.T. way this season.

Yet another publicity stunt if you ask me. I like the idea of a team playing with attention to Detail, Accountability, and Toughness. But my god folks, they pretty much play the exact opposite under Butch.

I actually defended a lot of Tennessee fans when they were so upset with Fulmer (and it had nothing to do with my dislike of the guy.) It was all based on his record versus ranked teams...

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Great Gesture from Coach Saban

Whohoo! A countdown clock!

I'm staring to feel like it is getting closer to football season!

Like. It. A. Lot!...

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For a Bama shirt, it's truly a what the hell were they thinking?

2018 Recruiting Class Updates

Ongoing thread of all the 2018 recruiting news. I will post new offers, news and my opinions in here. Feel free to chime in all you want....

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This self-imposed sanction might be the death of Ole Miss.

A H/T to this Rebel fan for the observation....

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