Bama Cuts: Episode 3 with Crazy Tony

Episode 3!!! Crazy Tony should be recurring guest. 6 cups? I got nothing. Was he at the Club earlier ??

Rashawn—-“We the 33rd team in the League”.


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NCAA Press release of new rule changes (A few of note.)

New rules aim to make college athlete recruiting experience similar to student body’s

April 18, 2018 2:45pmMichelle Brutlag Hosick

Starting with the next school year, most prospective student-athletes will follow a recruiting model that resembles the schedule other students follow when choosing where to go to college. The Division I Council made the decision when it met Tuesday and Wednesday in...

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SEC Women's Golf Conference Championship- Through RD1, Bama in 1st by 5 strokes

A lot goes into building a ring. Video series on the making of Saban's NC ring.

Phillip Marshall with the annual spring pump them up post. Or drivel.

It's been a surprisingly good run for Auburn these last 10 years.

If you have been an Auburn football fan for the past 10 years, you have seen:

-- Cam Newton flash onto the scene and win the Heisman Trophy.

-- The greatest comeback in the history of Auburn football when the Tigers rallied from a 24-0 deficit to beat Alabama 28-27 in 2010.


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Who's next?

Who will join the fold this week? Who joins at A-Day? These guys will be there this weekend.

A-Day Weekend Visitors

2019 Commits:
Pierce Quick, 5* OT, Trussville, AL
Paul Tyson, 4* QB, Trussville, AL
King Mwikuta, 4*, Lagrange, GA
Rashad Cheney, 4* DT, Ellenwood, GA
Christian Williams, 4* CB, Daphne, AL
Brendan Gant, 4* S, Lakeland, FL...

Who's next?...

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SEC Women's Golf Conference Championship starts today...

Kickoff rule change: CBS: ...killing the sport. CECIL HURT: NCAA kickoff decision too drastic?

The latest rule change spells doom for what some believe is the most exciting football play

This is only the beginning -- the beginning of the end of kickoffs.

At least that's the opinion of Texas coach Tom Herman after considering the biggest rule change for 2018.

And he is not alone.

"I have told our coaches, 'Before we retire … I firmly believe you're not going to see...

Kickoff rule...

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Aaron Suttles leaving the Tuscaloosa News.


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