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Jalen after A-Day

I may bashed for this, since A-Day is not the standard for measuring a player or team, but...
1. He went 6-14 in the 1st Half today for 32 yards. By any measure, that's poor. His body language was not that of a raw competitor.
2. He's still too fast to pull down the ball if he doesn't find his first receiver. Which brings me to...
3. He's still not showing the ability to progress through reads...

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Re: Jimbo Fisher

I was bored, and am posting this because some people seem worried that Jimbo has gone to A&M. While I certainly think he is an upgrade from Sumlin, I don't think Alabama fans need to be scared of Fisher.

Jimbo was hired in 2007 @ FSU - Saban wanted him the same year.

He became head coach in 2010. He was known as an offensive expert.

Like Bowden, he had little competition in the ACC, and...

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SEC Women's Golf Conference Championship- Bama falls to Arkansas in Semifinals

Taulia commits

ESPN's Holly Rowe gets her hair cut at Bama Cuts

A-Day: 2018

A few scrimmages you can keep an eye on today since you're in the football mood. All times are ET here.


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Braxton Key gone

Not surprised. He looked like he had checked out months ago. Still, pretty decent player and hate to lose anyone who can help. But then again, it doesn’t want to be here..................Ba-bye....

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