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How Bama Fans Watched Week Seven Games

:rolf: What he said about the Gators uniforms!!

About Bama uniform!...

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Did they even show the 92 team celebrations

I may have missed it .. have DVRed it.

But I saw no photos no articles on that......

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It's I Hate Tennessee Week.

A small reminder, it's a site bylaw....

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Hot Seats and Coaching Changes

We have all heard about the coaches on the hot seat. Oregon State's coach was the first to go. Nebraska, Tennessee and Arkansas will almost certainly be making changes. Texas A&M appears to be on the edge.

Who do you think will be the next to go? Which teams will pull the trigger during the season and who will wait until after the season to do what needs to be done?...

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly vs. Arky?

What say ye Crimson Tide brethren?




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LSWho beat Awbarn

Dear Mr. the Bookie

Please no more Thursday or Friday games!! It KILLING ME!! That is all!! :(:eyeroll::naught::neener_neener:...:p

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Homecoming 2017 - Arkansas versus Alabama

6:15 Central - ESPN...

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