Recruiting Territories

Recruiting - BONE: New Alabama football staff territories... |

An updated look at the new recruiting territories for the Crimson Tide

Jeff Banks

Southern California (including Los Angeles),

Arizona , New Mexico

West/Central Texas (El Paso, Lubbock, Austin, San Antonio, Galveston, Houston, south Dallas)

Josh Gattis

Southeast Alabama...

Recruiting Territories...

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Targets Bama's looking at for the Defense

Recruiting - Top Alabama targets in 2019 (Defense) |

There are a lot of options.....

My best advice is don't get bent out of shape when one goes elsewhere. Alabama likes a lot of defenders this year especially on the defensive front and linebacker.

You will also see how many players Alabama expects to take at each position. So when a prospect like Derek Stingley (even though...


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Targets Bama's looking at for the offense

Recruiting - BONE: Targets at each position (Offense) |

This is not in any order. Just names Alabama fans need to pay attention to during the 2019 recruiting cycle. These are also the current recruits with Alabama offers who have or plan to visit Tuscaloosa.

Some players on this list may not have Alabama in their top group, may be committed elsewhere and may never even visit...


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A few pictures from A-Day 2018

Alabama lands 4-star OT Tanner Bowles after his visit for A-Day.

Game video: A-Day: 2018

Does anybody have a link to the A-day scrimmage? Didn’t get a chance to watch it yesterday.

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News from Baton Rouge

One of my good friends lives in Red Stick, and has his ear on the ground over there. He knows a guy who's connected into the program; and his analysis should cause some concern over there, I think.
* Predicting 6/7 wins
*No franchise RB
*No NFL receivers
*QB play "could" be at least as good as last year
*Veteran OL - strength of the team
*Typical strong D..
*Devon White could be the...

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A-day in Review: The Alabama defense

Why Alabama is optimistic about its defensive line

"We had our couple scrimmages over the spring and it was crazy because I was looking at it and our D-line was playing like 'Wow.' They were stopping the run every time. It was like something like I've seen all the past years of us with our D-line, so I feel like we're going to do great this season."

Before the game, an observer of...

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A-Day In Review-- The Alabama Offense and Special Teams.

Alabama kicker Joseph Bulovas connected on five of his seven field-goal attempts Saturday and contributed half of the A-Day spring game's 36 points.
Rainer Sabin | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Up and good for Alabama kicker Joseph Bulovas at A-Day game...

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