Alabama may be a daunting season opener, but the Cards are 'gonna play ball'

Almost eight months will pass before Louisville opens its 2018 football season against the Alabama program that won the national championship last week, but for now, the Cardinals aren’t shy away from the challenge Sept. 1 in Orlando, Florida.

“We put our pads on like they put their pads on," Louisville cornerback Rodjay Burns said. "They’re not scary because they won the national cha...

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Benefit in Hiring Hugh Freeze

While most would see this as a potential conflict of interest as it relates to recruiting and public image, I do see a glaring benefit in hiring Hugh. Stability. BAMA has had 3 offensive coordinators in 14 months and while we have won 2 out the last 3 national titles, the coaching turnover is not beneficial for many reasons. Hugh Freeze is widely viewed as tainted and would likely be at BAMA for...

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Caption what was said in this picture

Aaron creating drama again growing frustration with a lack of appreciation

Mekhi Brown transfers.



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NFL down again in '17. Is it the product, or is it the politics surrounding the product?

The NFL’s three primetime game packages saw another round of declines during the ’17 regular season, including a multiyear low for "Thursday Night Football," a record-low audience for "Monday Night Football" and the lowest figure for "Sunday Night Football" in a decade. These results were a surprise to both network and league execs, both of whom expected better vie...

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WATCH: Comedian parodies how Georgia and Alabama fans watched the National Championship Game

nevewr heard of him till I saw this. It will have you rolling on the floor! Yes, I know a lot of us were just like this!

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Remember folks talking about Mekhi Brown's tirade and lunge at an assistant coach on the sideline?

He gone...


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'10 things I'm absolutely overreacting to after 2017 SEC bowl season'-SDS

"Let’s start with something I’m not overreacting to: Alabama’s quarterback situation.

Four days before the national title game — four days before Tua Tagovailoa threw the seed heard ’round the world — I was asked to offer a bold prediction for the 2018 season. I answered: “Jalen Hurts will not be Alabama’s starting quarterback in 2018.”

It’s Tagovailoa’s job, and now the time is right to do r...

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